About Lea

I want to live in a world where babies have lots to giggle about, paid family leave is guaranteed, and apples are always the right amount of crisp and sweet.

I’ve been practicing as a doula (over 200 births!), childbirth instructor, group facilitator, and photographer for nearly a decade; I am also co-founder of Madison Doula Collective, Lumos Doula Services, and an active member of South Central Wisconsin Doula Network.

When I’m not hanging out with babies and parents, you can find me at the dog park with my naughty pups, playing board games with my kiddo, or working on beadwork projects while dreaming about being at powwows.

I grew up on the Bad River reservation in northern Wisconsin and I miss the trees and the water and the smell of the red clay dirt so much it hurts.  But for now – and for the past 20 years – my life has swirled on by in Madison.  At some point I’ll make my way home, but for now I enjoy living in a city with plenty of good food, lots of green space, and many pockets of people and families interested in building strong communities.


…am a sad girl if I don’t have my pillow at night.

…kill house plants. (Yes, all of them.)

…still cry at almost every birth.  And most birth videos.  Yea – I was that girl who was crying watching the birth video in 10th grade, when everyone else was either nervously laughing or turning green.

…was about four months away from a master’s degree in Educational Policy when the world of parenting, babies, and birth distracted me.  I miss the academic life sometimes.

…love light and color, and capturing emotion and laughter through a camera lens.

Check out lots of lovely birth and baby photos, peruse the blog, or get in touch.

I attend births in Madison and Sauk Prairie, as well as out-of-hospital births within an hour’s drive of Madison.