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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems (IFS), is an evidence-based, non-pathologizing, therapeutic framework.  

Central to IFS is the belief that we all have a calm, connected, compassionate center within us, no matter what we've experienced in our lives.  We all also have parts (think back to a situation in your life where you found yourself saying "a part of me knows I should do this, and another part of me really doesn't want to") and in IFS, this multiplicity is considered a normal state of being.

The goal of IFS is to cultivate a relationship between our calm, connected, compassionate, and courageous Self (some call it our spirit/soul/seat of consciousness) and our parts, facilitating healing and growing.  

If you have strong learning/thinking parts (I can relate), check out the IFS resources page to learn more.  


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About Lea (she/her)

Aaniin!  I come to IFS from birthwork.  I was a doula, birth & baby care educator, and parent-baby group facilitator for nearly 15 years.

Supporting and witnessing families in such a powerful time of shifting in their lives taught me much about being with people as they navigate big and important things.  

I was raised in Bad River, my tribal community on the south shores of Lake Superior.  I lived away from home for a long time, coparenting my older kiddo near her father.  She is now off to college and I've returned north to be closer to home so my younger child can attend an Ojibwe language immersion school. I will also be heading back to school myself in the fall, with the ultimate goal of supporting folks as they heal as a licensed clinical social worker.


I found IFS in my own healing journey and fell into it with great relief.  Turning cultural teachings of respect and community care inward has been powerful.  

I am passionate about supporting Indigenous and other people of color, queer folx, pregnant people, people processing birth, parents, and anyone else who is wanting to feel supported in their IFS journey.  

I love connecting with people, so if any of what you has read speaks to you, please reach out.

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