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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems (IFS), is an evidence-based, non-pathologizing, therapeutic framework.  

Central to IFS is the belief that we all have a calm, connected, compassionate center within us, no matter what we've experienced in our lives.  We all also have parts (think back to a situation in your life where you found yourself saying "a part of me knows I should do this, and another part of me really doesn't want to") and in IFS, this multiplicity is considered a normal state of being.

The goal of IFS is to cultivate a relationship between our calm, connected, compassionate, and courageous Self (some call it our spirit/soul/seat of consciousness) and our parts, facilitating healing and growing.  

If you have strong learning/thinking parts (I can relate), check out the IFS resources page to learn more.  


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About Lea (she/her)

Aaniin!  I come to IFS from birthwork.  I was a doula, birth & baby care educator, and parent-baby group facilitator for nearly 15 years.

Supporting and witnessing families in such a powerful time of shifting in their lives taught me much about being with people as they navigate big and important things.  

I was raised in Bad River, my tribal community on the south shores of Lake Superior.  I lived away from home for a long time, coparenting my older kiddo near her father.  She is now off to college and I've returned north to be closer to home.  I am currenting doing a Masters in Social Work, with the ultimate goal of supporting Indigenous folks as they heal.


I found IFS in my own healing journey and fell into it with great relief.  Turning cultural teachings of respect and community care inward has been powerful.  

I am passionate about supporting Indigenous and other people of color, queer folx, pregnant people, people processing birth, parents, and anyone else who is wanting to feel supported in their IFS journey.  

I love connecting with people, so if any of what you has read speaks to you, please reach out.

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